Content marketing campaigns work best when the brands behind them genuinely know their audiences, an expert has stated.

According to Daniel Nolan, managing director of theEword, content marketing became one of the most popular digital marketing techniques during 2014.

This, he said, meant brands moved away from direct sales messages and instead became publishers, with blogs, infographics, guides and videos being used to spread a particular message.

However, Mr Nolan noted that this resulted in the internet being flooded with a torrent of material, which prompted “even the most passionate content marketers to complain about the sheer volume of material being produced”.

However, he believes that if brands adopt a different approach based on actually understanding what the customer wants, they can make their content marketing campaigns more effective.

“The key is getting to know audiences,” Mr Nolan said. “Only then can you deliver what they really want in a quantity that won’t drive them up the wall.”

He observed that brands are now focusing their marketing material less on the unique selling points of a product and instead on how much that product can improve people’s lives.

This, he said, means they need to identify consumers’ purchasing habits, pain points and possible incentives.

Mr Nolan stated that once these have been identified, brands will be able to target their audience with a relevant message through the most appropriate channels.

He added that digital marketing is undergoing an extremely fast-paced evolution at the moment, with the operating environment seemingly changing every minute.

This, he said, means marketers must “stay on their toes” in order to keep up with best practices and apply the lessons they have learned in previous years to their future campaigns.

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Posted by Robin McCrink