A landmark anniversary has given Kronenbourg a great opportunity to launch a new marketing campaign.

The brewer is marking 350 years of trading at the moment and is commemorating the milestone with a renewed effort to engage with consumers via digital media.

According to senior brand manager Pasquale Bradascio, it will be using online content to “land our core heritage in different ways”.

“The priority for us is establishing a footprint in digital,” he commented.

“It’s where our 35 to 49-year-old target market are spending most of their time and so our media mix has to reflect that.”

Mr Bradascio pointed out that very few mainstream beers have a history as old as Kronenbourg.

As a result, he believes the 350th anniversary has created a fantastic chance for it to talk about its “incredible heritage and taste superiority behind the brand across every touch point”.

This, he said, has enabled it to tell a great story at a time when demand for superior beers is particularly strong and brands are under pressure to do more than simply advertise their product.

“We’ve been able to generate some great visibility off the work we’ve done around our anniversary campaign and online,” Mr Bradascio remarked.

He stated that Kronenbourg has adopted a holistic approach across its anniversary campaign, so there is a consistent message being put across via platforms ranging from television and digital to print advertisements.

Nevertheless, digital-based content that adds value was flagged up as a particularly big priority for the company, with Mr Bradascio describing it as “key to our future”.

He added that the company has looked closely at how it uses this approach to push its message to older drinkers “in a way that reflects their lifestyles”.

How the 350 year old Kronenbourg brand is reinventing itself for the ‘content era’, Marketing Week

Posted by Robin McCrink