Carrier bag usage in Wales has dropped by a massive 90 per cent in some retailers since the levy for plastic bags was introduced six months ago, with more people opting to use eco-friendly printed bags and other reusable options.

Figures obtained by the BBC show that since the 5p charge was introduced, Sainsbury's has seen bag usage drop 90 per cent while Co-op and Morrisons have seen reductions of 86 per cent and 60 per cent respectively.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury's told the news provider: “The scheme is working well and has clear benefits both for the environment and for charities.

“Over the last three months we've seen a drop of around 90 per cent in the use of single use bags in our Welsh stores.”

Given the success of the levy in Wales it is likely that other parts of the UK may follow in its footsteps and introduce a charge.

Northern Ireland will introduce a similar scheme from April next year.

Carrier bag charge Supermarkets say use in Wales cut up to 90%, BBC News

Posted by Carl Blackshaw