The Liberal Democrat party is considering rebranding in the face of waning public support, it has been claimed.

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, the party could end up changing leadership as well as it attempts to get voters back on board.

Nick Clegg, the coalition government’s deputy prime minister has called for a complete overhaul of the Lib Dem strategy – a move that could completely change the direction of the party.

The rebranding could potentially force the party to abandon its current name and logo – and the change may happen as early as next month.

Sources close to the Lib Dem shakeup told the news provider that the party may have to include the word social in its name – so voters are aware that it is a left-leaning party.

The party’s existing logo – dubbed the ‘bird of freedom’ – has been on party promotional pens and other promotional gifts since 1988 – and, in its current form, since 1999.

1 Hennessy, Partick and Kite, Melissa. “Nick Clegg orders rebrand amid rumours of leadership challenge“. The Telegraph. Friday, March 26th 2011.

Posted by Robin McCrink