Lidl has unveiled new adverts to directly tackle misconceptions over its supply chain.

According to Claire Farrant, UK Marketing Director at the budget supermarket chain, many consumers regard its supply chain in a negative way.

The company has therefore launched new ads featuring customers who had questioned the quality of its meat and fish and get to see how they are sourced by British farmers for themselves.

Similar ads featuring people doubting the quality of it fruit, vegetables and wine suppliers and coming away impressed will be rolled out in the near future.

Ms Farrant commented: “Despite the success of the Lidl Surprises campaign since launching in 2013, many customers and non-customers were still having serious doubts over where our food comes from. 

“So it made sense that the next chapter of Lidl Surprises should be to prove our British provenance.”

Ms Farrant stated that Lidl has recently been targeting the middle classes with its market stall and restaurant ads.

However, she said this time round it is using “real working mums” as it wants to prove its quality to the masses and those who go shopping each week.

“Great marketing should be about changing your brand’s misconceptions and not just banging the same drum,” Ms Farrant argued.

“We’re not afraid to voice the feeling of the nation at the time even if that’s about addressing negativity.”

Ms Farrant went on to stress that Lidl cannot be complacent of the current customer set.

This, she said, means it must actively seek out new customers and appeal to every single consumer regardless of their social background.

Lidl’s marketing director on the next chapter for Lidl Surprises and turning doubters into advocates Marketing Week