A project that is intended to encourage people to live more sustainably has been launched by a group of leading brands.

The brands have teamed up to promote better consumer behaviour and encourage individuals to come up with ways of reducing their impact on the environment.

A global digital editorial platform called Collectively has been established for the scheme and companies such as BT, M&S, Google, The Coca-Cola Company and Unilever are working together with non-profits.

Collectively will be using social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube to spread its message and attempt to make living in a sustainable way “the new normal”, including new ways of buying, campaigning, engaging and investing.

The coalition is intended to connect people, ideas and places that “are shaping the future” in order to enhance life choices, fuel conversation and inspire values.

Explaining the concept, Collectively chief executive officer Will Gardner said: “It’s a place to share stories, inspire each other and create the change we need to see in the world. We want to change the way we think about sustainability – by making sustainable living feel relevant and rewarding.”

Emerging out of discussions at the World Economic Forum, Forum of the Future, Purpose and VICE Media’s VIRTUE creative services division are working with the global brands sponsoring Collectively to accelerate more environmentally-friendly ways of living, with more youth, non-profit and other organisations also joining the project.

The platform will be updated each day with new information and stories covering an array of topics and subject areas, with the global audience also invited to submit articles and ideas on various themes such as “the smartest city” and “future foodies”.

Collectively will specifically target so-called millennials (18 to 30-year-olds) in order to generate more sustainable solutions and will produce content in a range of forms, including blog posts, videos, stories and tweets.

Initially focused on the US and UK, the coalition is looking to attract more partners and expand its reach globally.

Brands join forces to promote sustainability, Marketing Week

Posted by Carl Blackshaw