A number of prominent brands have been commended for providing top-quality customer service.

According to Kate Boyce, content marketing executive at Lead Forensics, Amazon is a particularly good example of a company that is able to keep its customers happy.

The online retailer’s success was attributed partly to its “awesome use of data”, as it has enabled it to identify people’s purchasing habits in order to make future recommendations.

Ms Boyce said this level of personalisation shows every individual customer that they are valued and that the company understands their needs.

This, she said, has helped it to retain many of those who have transacted with the firm.

Samsung was flagged up as another example of a company that has managed to deliver excellent customer service.

Ms Boyce hailed the technology manufacturer for engaging its customer base with educational content such as troubleshooting guides, instructional videos and customer care apps.

She cited this as a sign that customer service has moved far beyond “sticking someone on hold” and towards educating clients in “thoughtful ways”.

Jetblue Airlines was identified as another firm that has done a good job of managing its relationships with customers.

The company’s social media team was singled out for praise, as people who post on its Twitter page are given information responses in “lightning quick” time.

Ms Boyce pointed out that most people now expect to receive responses from a company within one hour, since social media platforms have effectively replaced “traditional customer service channels” at many businesses.

She went on to note that acquiring new clients can be up to seven times more costly than generating business from existing clients.

However, Ms Boyce also pointed out that most instances of customer loss are down to substandard customer service.

As a result, she believes firms must make sure their customer services facilities are fit for purpose in order to take advantage of possible upsell opportunities.

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Posted by Robin McCrink