Not having a supply of tea and coffee in the office is one of the biggest workplace stresses employees face.

Running out of hot beverages made it into the top ten workplace gripes in a list compiled by, ranking behind the internet malfunctioning, having too much work and an annoying boss.

Commenting on the list, a spokesperson for the company said: “In an ideal world we would all love our jobs, and the thrill of being at work would be enough to quell any frustrations one might have – we all know however that this is often not the case.”

Having a nice brew or a caffeine fix can often be the key to helping employees get over these other frustrations and companies are advised to always have plenty in stock, as well as lots of clean mugs.

Having your promotional mugs in an office kitchen is a great way to get the word out about your products and services and employees are sure to appreciate the gesture.

Technical Nightmares Voted The Biggest Workday Stress,

Posted by Robin McCrink