Charities carrying out fundraising in Manchester have signed a new deal with Manchester City Council that affects the amount of time they can spend spend on the city’s streets promoting their causes.

City chiefs have signed a new deal with the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association that will allocate fundraisers three weekdays in which they can raise awareness – and boost their funds.

Charity workers have also been allocated four areas of the city centre in which they can operate.

Manchester Labour councillor Pat Karney said: “We know there was a lot of debate about this issue last year and we have worked hard to address it.

“It’s important that Manchester city centre remains a pleasant place to work, live and visit, but we also recognise that charities have the legal right to fundraise on our streets.”

The change to on-street fundraising could cause many charities to fall back on other forms of brand promotion – including the use of promotional items and direct mail.

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