Businesses have got to grips with using customer data as part of a digital marketing campaign, an expert has noted.

According to Ian Woolley, chief commercial officer at VisualDNA, the emergence of digital technology has changed how companies engage with the public forever.

However, he told the Guardian that many firms initially did not know what to do with the large quantities of customer information they possessed.

Mr Woolley said this has now changed, as marketers have learned how to gather data and use it to inform a marketing strategy and observed that it has taken the best part of a decade for digital marketers and data professionals to develop a means of effectively cultivating useful insights from this data.

The digital revolution has enabled firms to reward for customers for using their services, for example the use of loyalty cards is now widely used by many retailers. Direct Mail firms could also use customer spend data to select appropriate promotional items that could be used to say thank you or give as a gift with purchase, for example a company selling PCs could offer branded USB sticks or a clothing company could offer a free limited edition promotional T-shirt.

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Posted by Robin McCrink