Brands must make effective use of customer data to engage with them across multiple platforms, an expert has insisted.

According to Richard Robinson of marketing specialist Turn, data is at the heart of omni-channel marketing success.

This, he said, means marketers must “gather and understand” any information they have relating to their customers in order to deliver relevant and timely messages.

“Don’t take a shot in the dark and guess who your consumers are when data can give you a definitive answer,” he commented.

Mr Robinson pointed out that many people are “obsessed” with technology and want to be connected all the time.

This, he said, means brands have endless opportunities to spread messages in different ways across many platforms.

However, he stated that most are missing an opportunity when it comes to making sure customer journeys are seamless.

“Not only do inconsistent brand messages across channels lack engagement, they also lack the ability to build long-lasting relationships with consumers,” Mr Robinson said.

“For example, before 9am today my ‘on screen’ activity included using my smartphone, tablet and laptop computer.”

Mr Robinson said this not unusual in today’s world, which makes it important that data is able to follow a customer as they move from one platform to the next.

This means that, for example, if a person has searched for a particular item on a smartphone and completed the purchase on a laptop, a brand must not continue advertising that product on the former device.

Mr Robinson argued this is “wasteful for the brand and irritating for the consumer,” adding that brands need to “align their marketing process under one umbrella.”

“Why make a jigsaw puzzle of your data by handling 12 separate platforms when omnichannel professionals can tie it all together?” he stated.

Why guess? Data is the key to omnichannel success IDM