Marketers have been urged to “get real” about how they approach so-called new media.

According to Andrew Marsden, the new Master for The Marketors, a guild-style organisation for the profession, new media is neither new, as it is more than two decades old, nor a media. Instead, it is “just another channel”, rather than a platform that has replaced traditional advertising.

Mr Marsden is concerned that the way marketers view digital platforms is leading to many firms using them in unprofitable ways. For instance, he said even “the best academics are struggling to find a direct link between ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ [on social media] and shopper purchases”. As a result, he believes brand marketers should rise to the challenge of measuring the financial benefit of these investments.

“People watch programmes, not channels,” Mr Marsden observed. “Brand communications are increasingly focused on the three ‘C’s: creation, content and cooperation. Given the explosion of new channels, with no real increase in advertising budgets, channels need content as well as ads.”

However, Mr Marsden stressed that any content created by brands needs to be of interest to people other than the person or people who produce it. This, he said, means the production of proper branded content has become a “necessary marketing skill”.

Mr Marsden went on to suggest that marketers make a point of placing their brand’s core values at the centre of any campaign. In addition, he suggested that marketing activity should be based around the “points of influence along known shopper purchasing journeys” and “big insights from big data”.

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Posted by Robin McCrink