Brands have been urged not to rush into embracing new promotional platforms.

According to Nick Jones, Head of Digital Communications & Corporate Responsibility at VISA, new ways of communicating are emerging on a regular basis.

As a result, he is concerned that brands will start “binging” on all of them, even if it is not in their best interests.

Mr Jones has therefore urged marketers to step back and consider if new tools such as much-hyped apps really offer the best means of getting their message across.

“It’s the old temptation of jumping on the bandwagon because it’s trending,” he commented.

“A good marketer will know their audience and the appropriate channel to use.”

Mr Jones said determining the best platforms to engage with a target market depends on having “the compass of knowing what your consumers like.”

“You need to know their culture and character,” he remarked.

Mr Jones pointed out that as marketers we often try to exploit every new tool and channel at once “because we can.”

“It’s at the point where you think [as a marketer] I’ll go read that at the weekend and by the time you get there it’s gone,” he added.

Visa’s Nick Jones – We’re in danger of indulging in binge marketing The Drum