Marketing specialists have been advised they must use big data effectively if it is to prove valuable.

According to Drew Nicholson, chief executive of marketing agency dnx, data gives marketers “insights and opportunities that they’ve never had before”.

However, he insisted they have to take advantage of this or “they won’t gain stature”. Indeed, he argued that companies could lose credibility if they use the wrong data.

Mr Nicholson added that a “slight cultural change” is needed in the marketing sector due to their increasing reliance on data.

This, he said, is because they used to largely rely on their creativity to inform a campaign, whereas they now have to adopt a much more scientific mindset.

“Marketers need to be prepared to roll their sleeves up and get involved in the data,” Mr Nicholson added.

He was speaking after a report by dnx and Circle Research found that marketers who use big data could be well-placed to progress to the company boardroom in the future.

Can big data turn today’s marketers into tomorrow’s data-empowered CEOs?, Marketing Magazine

Posted by Robin McCrink