Building a winning customer experience should be first and foremost on the minds of marketers, an expert has stated.

According to Emma Woods, Group Marketing Director at Merlin Entertainment, the world of marketing is changing a great deal.

As a result, she believes marketers need to reassess how they view themselves and instead act as customer experience designers.

“Part of that design responsibility is also being guardians for when things go wrong,” she commented. 

Ms Woods also stressed that since brands are increasingly relying on customer data to inform the customer experience, they should aim to make the best possible use of it.

“My challenge to marketers is that you have a responsibility to collect it, use it and nurture it,” she said.

Ms Woods went on to insist that marketers make a point of understanding all the customer touchpoints and thinking about how they interact with each one.

She urged brands to consider what type of experience the customer wants, so they can focus on facilitating their wishes through every platform, both on and offline.

Merlin Entertainment has sought to improve the experience of its customers by launching a new app for its Legoland attraction. 

Ms Woods revealed that 15 per cent of visitors have downloaded the app since it was first unveiled in July and had a less stressful experience as a result.

By offering real-time information on queues and details of amenities such as restaurants, Ms Woods believes the app has made trips go much more smoothly for people on busy days especially.

Merlin Entertainment on why marketers should be ‘customer experience designers, The Drum.