Marketers can ensure that their direct mail communications are going to the right people by making a free mailing list featuring customers who have already shown an interest in their products, according to experts.

US-based company Marketing Lists Direct highlights that sending communications to existing customers or people who have made enquiries about the company is a good way to ensure you see some return on your marketing spend.

“If you are looking to increase sales from your current customers using free lists from your current database is extremely successful,” it said.

“This is the most effective way to create a free list … A reminder mailing with a new offer is a great way to retain your business and get more sales from people that have bought from you in the past.”

We think that sending the people on this mailing list some promotional gifts, such as branded USB sticks and promotional pens, along with details of any offers is a great way to ensure they will become a return customer.

1 Kevin Deeb, When to Buy a Mailing List, Article Base, December 16th 2010