With the general election being a hotly debated topic in recent months, marketers have been quick to tap into the anticipation over who will form the next government.

Mr Kipling, for instance, ran a parody of the Conservative’s famous ‘Labour Isn’t Working’ poster from 1979 by declaring “Biscuits Aren’t Working” and replacing the image of a line of unemployed people with a selection of its cakes lined up in a similar way.

Ryanair, meanwhile, has published a print ad showing Labour leader Ed Miliband through an airplane window facing to the left with the caption “Left-wing views”, while Nigel Farage of Ukip was shown facing right through an adjacent window next to the caption “Right-wing views”.

Facebook is also getting on the act, using data based on interactions on the social networking site to project a pie chart on the London Eye.

The figures reflect the level of discussion around a particular party, leader and issue, rather than voting intentions.

It’s an interesting way to both promote the Facebook brand and display how engaged the public are with the election this year.

Voters are going to the polls today (May 7th), although many experts and forecasts suggest neither the Conservatives or the Labour Party will win a clear majority in parliament.

As a result, marketers might need to continue following the latest political developments for a while longer, as an indecisive outcome may mean the major parties will enter into potentially lengthy coalition talks.

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Posted by Robin McCrink