Marketers have been urged not to go into a new campaign blindly. According to Jeanne Kelly, director of Business Development Assist, anyone who fails to plan is planning to fail.

This, she said, means marketers must ensure their strategy is built on a solid foundation, such as a clear understanding of their key customers.

Ms Kelly also insisted that they need to have a clear message and understand the “main thrust” that they want to convey to their target market.

She stated this could be a particular piece of news or details of a special promotion, or perhaps a broader message outlining a brand’s USPs and how the service it offers can benefit customers.

“Most probably this will differ depending on the profile of your customers, so you could have several different campaigns with different messages running at the same time,” Ms Kelly observed.

Marketers were then urged to consider the best ways of reaching their target audiences, as emails and social media updates could work well in some instances, but YouTube, blog posts and flyers might be more effective in others.

However, Ms Kelly stressed that the best way forward could be to adopt a combination of platforms. She noted that many businesses limit themselves to just one medium, but warned that this can leave them placing all their proverbial eggs in one basket.

As a result, Ms Kelly believes it is better for brands to spread their risk until they can identify which platforms work best for them.

She added that the best way for an organisation to gauge whether a marketing campaign has been successful is to set to some clear targets beforehand.

Ms Kelly said brands must work out what they want to achieve from a promotional drive and then think about whether these goals can realistically be attained.

How to plan a marketing campaign, The Bolton News

Posted by Robin McCrink