Marketing News: Why your brand needs the WOW factor

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Why your brand needs the WOW factor
A new report is making waves in the business community as it reveals nearly two-thirds of customers want to feel intense emotions from the companies they’re buying from.

New research reveals that 65% of customers now want to be ‘wowed’ by brands as the tumultuous nature of the last few years has people looking for something extra in their commercial interactions with companies.

The new report details how ‘jaw drops’, ‘heart swells’ and ‘goosebumps’ are the new brand metrics for post-pandemic era, with 61% of consumers wanting brands to make them feel intense emotions and 63% want brands to deliver muti-sensory experiences.

We unpack the emerging trends from the report and share key implications for brands and businesses.

The age of enchantment
If this all sounds like a bit of fairy tale, then you’re on the right track as that’s exactly where the new report from advertising agency of the moment, Wunderman Thompson, is taking things.

Called ‘The Age of Re-enchantment’, it does makes sense. In what can be seen as an increasingly dark world, with companies fighting for every inch of market share and consumers scared to spend, brands that offer more than a touch of magic and just a little escapism, are more likely to make a mark and a sale.

That’s proven in the global survey where nearly half of respondents (49%), said they are more likely to buy from brands that give them a sense of joy, and 45% wanted to be surprised and delighted. Less than a quarter would buy from a brand that just delivered what it said it would.

A golden opportunity
Whilst the collective business community maybe thinking they have enough on their plates without now having to entertain and wow customers, it is in fact an opportunity for businesses to jump on this trend before everyone does.

Nearly three-quarters (70%) said they couldn’t remember the last time a brand made them feel excited, so why not ride the wave, and get some clear blue water between you and your competitors?

It doesn’t have to be expensive; creativity often wins over big budgets. Some recent examples of this include the retailer Aldi hosting a wine barometer which dished out free glasses of the perfect summer drink when the mercury hit 19.2 degrees.

In essence this was a sampling exercise to launch their new selection of products, but by adding a bit of theatre and branding, it created a real buzz across social channels and the retailer secured mass coverage across mainstream media, with hundreds of people taking part and getting the message.

Businesses that live and thrive on a more dystopian and edgy vibe can also cash in on the enchantment trend say the authors of the report, but they must have a positive end vision – a happy ending to the brand story if you like, in their consumer interactions and marketing narrative.

Take a lesson from Mattel
A current masterclass in creating enchantment and bringing new life to a brand is the toymaker Mattel. The company has revived its Barbie doll and relaunched her to a new and younger audience over the past decade.

Mattel’s careful shift away from the first original prototype to capture the hearts of Gen-Zen has been a gradual evolution and now Barbies come in all shapes and sizes, with roles from astronauts to scientists, all designed to show the new diversity and inclusiveness of the brand.

They have even recreated the Barbie ‘universe’ in the real world with fans now able to visit and even stay in the Malibu Barbie House. The merchandise doesn’t end there as the much-hyped Barbie film opens later this month, providing the perfect escapism for many.

Mattel is harnessing that new love for their most famous brand ambassador, turning it into magical interactions with their customers in the retail landscape.

Now that’s magical!

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