Even the most savoury among us will find it hard to resist McVities’ new Sweeet campaign.

The famous biscuit company which is owned by United Biscuits, which also manufactures Jacob’s, go ahead! and Carr’s, launched a brand new campaign last week with a bit of a difference. Customers have the chance to win a cuddly toy and while you may be more inclined to think that such a prize is better suited to young children, the new television advert will make you believe otherwise.

Created by Grey London and directed by Sam Hibbard, it features two window cleaners who find a number of cuddly, wide-eyed toys, including the BN owl and a Chocolate Digestives kitten, behind the window they are cleaning. At first they are surprised by what they find, but they soon become rather fond of them. “Get your very own McVities sweeet friend” is what the advert, which is part of a £3 million marketing campaign which will last for three weeks, tells us to do.

Sarah Heynen, Universal Biscuits’ Marketing Director, said that the company was offering the toys in response to customer requests for every one in ten packets purchased. Those who are in with a chance of winning must send a text to find out if they are the new owners of their own sweeet friend.

“What better way to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of our McVitie’s Sweeet masterbrand campaign than to answer the countless requests for us to create the family of sweeet characters for them to own,” Ms Heynen said.

McVities’ Sweeet campaign will also use a variety of PR, social media, in-store, digital advertising as well as media partnerships, with BuzzFeed being named as one such partner. “We’re thrilled to give our consumers the chance to have their very own sweeet friend, and with a one in ten chance of winning, we know there are going to be millions of happy customers this spring,” Ms Heynen added of the campaign.

McVitie’s offers cuddly toys as part of ‘Sweeet’ campaign, Marketing

Posted by Robin McCrink