Children in Bootle were recently given the chance to design a bag for life for the Strand Shopping Centre, with promotional bags handed out to all those that took part.

As part of the centre’s environmental campaign, it challenged youngsters to design a bag that reflects what the shopping centre means to them.

The winner of the competition was 11-year-old Tom Mooney, from Christ Church Primary School, who produced a Beatles-inspired design.

There were over 200 entries and the top ten designs were uploaded to the Strand’s Facebook page for people to vote on. The management team at the shopping centre also had their say.

All ten finalists received promotional bag prizes for taking part in the campaign.

The bags are available from stores within the shopping centre and it is hoped that shoppers will pick them up to use them on their spending sprees rather than less environmentally friendly plastic bags.

Shopping centre unveils winner of bag for life design, Liverpool Echo

Posted by Carl Blackshaw