The National Lottery’s promotional drive has been praised for putting the fun back into having a flutter.

Simon White, Chief Strategy Officer of FCB Inferno, pointed out that the odds of winning the jackpot are almost 14 million to one. 

As a result, he believes consumers are getting increasingly tired after 20 years with the suggestion that they might win, as it never actually comes to pass.

“As our hope dwindled, so did the weekly prize pot,” Mr White observed. “Sure, we still pile in when it’s a massive rollover. Obviously, a paltry £3 million isn’t worth the bother, but tens of millions? Count me in.”

Mr White pointed out that the National Lottery has sought to overcome this problem by highlighting the good causes its money goes towards, but said this too has started being ignored.

However, the National Lottery’s latest promotional drive has caught his attention for all the right reasons. Featuring the likes of Piers Morgan hoping to win money to fund vanity projects, Mr White believes this is a fun way to encourage people to enter the draw, as it encourages people to buy tickets simply to stop these celebrities indulging themselves.

“It’s no longer about me, it’s about stopping Piers,” he commented.

“I love this campaign –  It’s put the fun back into this flutter, which it desperately needed. It’s stopped lying to me and instead told me to just enjoy the dreaming, to see the Lotto for what it is, a bit of entertainment.”

Mr White also pointed out that featuring celebs the British public love to hate is a clever move, but stressed that Morgan himself deserves credit for “sending himself up”.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Katie Price have also featured in this latest advertising campaign, speaking about similar vanity projects they would like to pay for with Lottery winnings.

Lotto ad taps into how we love to hate Piers Morgan, Marketing