Almost half of firms with a content marketing strategy are tracking the return on investment, new figures have revealed.

According to data from ALF, 43 per cent of brands that have adopted this marketing technique are measuring the results it is yielding, such as conversion rates.

Statistics also showed that 80 per cent of marketers intend to invest in content marketing in the coming months.

Tom McMullen, a Director at ALF, said it is “no surprise” that this method is the “most popular option for increased investment in 2015”.

However, he noted that while it creates many opportunities for marketers, it also creates a number of challenges.

For instance, Mr McMullen said they must find new ways of differentiating their content in a “crowded marketplace”, as well as “find innovative ways to seed it”.

The ALF survey found that boosting conversion rates was still the main priority for brands that have adopted content marketing.

Indeed, more than nine out of ten respondents said they would benefit from getting extra help drawing traffic to their site, despite spending heavily on content marketing.

Almost half of brands now track ROI on content marketing, Marketing

Posted by Robin McCrink