Brands that are looking at updating their logo have been encouraged not to go for a basic approach just for the sake of it.

According to Sean Thomas, Creative Director at jkr, progression does not always have to mean “stripped back and minimal.”

For instance, he noted that Bacardi recently overhauled its logo and included more detail in the new version.

Mr Thomas said this was necessary because over time, its logo had “lost its charm.”

“Bacardi needed to credibly reconnect with its family heritage and it has done so brilliantly,” he observed.

The changing of recognisable brand logos has been a hot topic recently following the launch of a new icon by social networking site Instagram.

The previous logo had depicted a somewhat old-fashioned camera, but since Instagram wanted to be seen as more than just a photo app, it revised the design to depict a simpler and more colourful camera.

Mr Thomas stated that the Instagram redesign will ultimately be judged on which direction the brand goes in over the next few months.

“The old logo told consumers that Instagram stood for square format, retro photography,” he commented. 

“If that’s no longer their aim, then change is right.”

However, Mr Thomas stated that whether or not that is fundamentally the right thing for the brand to do “remains to be seen.”

Designers tell us how to modernise logos but keep authenticity Design Week