Selecting the right type of advert online is essential when trying to get customers to convert.

If brands are able to put their core message across in an easy-to-understand format, then consumers are more likely to respond to this in a positive manner.

Indeed, research from Celtra points to the fact that videos are the best format for web-based adverts, as internet users watch entire video clips nearly 48 per cent of the time.

While 80 per cent of videos are shorter than one minute, 46 per cent were found to be shorter than 30 seconds. This demonstrates how brands recognise that consumers only have a certain attention span and so avoid bombarding them with loads of information.

In order to maximise this opportunity, firms can create a series of promotional items related to the video that can be distributed to potential customers.

These products will go down well with people and provide companies with an ideal platform to improve brand awareness.

AdCreator Now Brings Video Ad Content Into Focus, Celtra


Posted by Robin McCrink