Many digital marketers believe offering personalised marketing content can help customers stay loyal to a brand, a new survey has revealed.

According to research by Forrester Consulting and ExactTarget, 84 per cent of respondents are of the view that tailoring marketing to individuals can lead to improved customer retention and loyalty.

As a result, many are planning to step up investment in areas such as real-time interaction management, predictive algorithms, guided selling and site optimisation tools.

The survey found that these are seen as good ways to address challenges such as ensuring every customer interaction is personalised and that people’s expectations are consistently met.

Woodson Martin, chief marketing officer at ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, commented: “The future of marketing is the customer journey.

“Today’s hyper-connected consumer requires companies to create personalised experiences and deliver value at each touchpoint to increase brand loyalty and drive sales.

“Marketers need to be empowered to use data to drive these 1:1 journeys and experiences with their customers.”

Almost half of the marketers pointed out that personalising every single customer interaction is difficult.

However, the fact they are investing in different ways of improving processes is an indication that they see the value in this approach.

Analysing the constant flow of data regarding customer interaction was highlighted as one particular challenge, with 42 per cent of respondents citing this as an issue.

The study added that delivering personalised customer experiences and “contextual, unique offers” is essential if organisations wish to retain customers and turn them into brand advocates.

However, it acknowledged that since “empowered” and “connected” customers have extremely high expectations, achieving this can be “easier said than done”.

The report stressed that since consumers have instant access to information via many different platforms, they want to interact with brands “on their terms” and at a time of their choosing.

Personalised marketing boosts customer loyalty- survey, Netimperative

Posted by Robin McCrink