PG Tips is putting £5 million into a new marketing campaign to improve how it is perceived by the wider public – in particular young people.

The promotional drive will be designed to highlight the “continued cultural relevance of tea” across a variety of platforms including social media.

Kate Hearn, Senior Brand Manager for PG Tips at Unilever UK, commented: “The change is part of our ongoing strategy to ensure the brand remains relevant to our core PG fans while being enticing to younger consumers.”

PG Tips has already revamped its packaging this year as part of an effort to make it stand out on shop shelves.

Ms Hearn said the changes were introduced in response to customer feedback and should help the brand appear more “relevant, confident and contemporary” to shoppers.

The need to update its brand has been driven partly by declining sales of traditional tea in the UK, as consumers are increasingly sampling alternatives such as fruit and herbal teas.

Indeed, figures from Mintel show that sales of ordinary tea fell by 13 per cent between 2012 and 2014, while sales of alternative teas went up by 31 per cent during the same period.

Emma Clifford, Senior Food and Drink Analyst at the organisation, said this shows standard black tea is “struggling to maintain consumers’ interest” in the face of competition from other drinks.

She suggested the problem is partly down to its “uninspiring image”, which has “translated into the downfall of the tea category overall.”

How PG tips will make its brand ‘relevant’ in the face of declining tea sales, Marketing Week.