Retailers with physical stores have been urged to avoid focusing too heavily on transactions.

According to the British Retail Consortium (BRC), shoppers now expect physical retailers to look beyond this area and make a point of offering richer customer experiences as well.

Helen Dickinson, Chief Executive of the body, also said consumers expect firms to play a much greater role in their lives and help to enhance the lives of their community.

As a result, she believes marketers need to adopt a different approach in order to engage effectively with their target audience.

“There is a need to think differently about the retail offer, whether digital or in store,” Ms Dickinson commented.

She was speaking after a study by customer experience agency Rockpool indicated that retailers in the US are better at offering an omni-channel retail experience to customers than those in the UK.

The research suggested that British companies could improve significantly in areas such as personalising communications and offering top-quality customer service.

However, Rockpool Chief Executive Bruce Griffin stressed that omni-channel strategies are not a “silver bullet” for businesses.

Indeed, he said companies still need to be offering the right products and make sure they have the best people in certain roles.

“If you’re selling the wrong products, omni-channel is not going to make your business successful,” Mr Griffin commented.

He went on to stress that marketers should see an omni-channel approach as an “accelerator” for a business, rather than a “replacement for the right product portfolio or the right mix of pricing.”

Big retailers are lacking in their omnichannel offerings Marketing Week