Many young people can be put off transacting with a brand if they have had a poor experience with its mobile app, new research has found.

According to figures from Oracle, 55 per cent of so-called millennials would be less likely to use a firm’s products or services if they did not believe its app was up to scratch.

The study also showed that 27 per cent believe a poor mobile app experience could negatively affect their view of a company’s wider offerings.

Meanwhile, 39 per cent said they would be less likely to recommend a brand to friends and relatives if its app was inadequate.

Suhas Uliyar, vice president of mobile strategy and product management at Oracle, commented: “An engaging and personalised user experience has become the new weapon in the battle to attract and retain millennial customers.

“Businesses that cannot add value for customers with a more convenient, functional, and relevant mobile experience have little chance of coming out on top.”

The research also revealed that nearly three-quarters like being able to purchase a firm’s products or services via an app, while many also appreciate the ability to manage billing for services and get in touch with a business through this platform.

However, many millennials were found to be unhappy with unsolicited communications that don’t suit their specific needs and requirements.

Some 56 per cent said they would rather not receive push-notifications, while an identical proportion said they act on those they do receive only infrequently.

Oracle added that since a growing number of millennials are now accessing apps via tablets rather than just smartphones, there is plenty of room for innovation in this area.

Indeed, Mr Uliyar said companies that respond to the growth in tablet usage will be ideally placed to tap into this marketplace at a time when it is still maturing.

Mobile Apps are the New Face of Businesses, finds Oracle, Oracle

Posted by Robin McCrink