Targeting people effectively with promotional items is essential if charities are to reverse the erosion of donor trust, it has been claimed.

According to Brian Lamb, chair of the National Council for Voluntary Organisation’s (NCVO) campaign effectiveness board, the government’s austerity measures will change the fundamentals of pro-active campaigning.

He said that the recent Public Administration Select Committee had unleashed its wrath on the charitable sector – calling into question the amount that organisations spend on advertising and marketing.

However, Mr Lamb claims that charities can ensure they are beyond disrepute if they target their marketing initiatives – be they search engine optimisation campaigns or promotional pens mailouts – effectively.

Writing for Third Sector, Mr Lamb said: “The rules are simple: charities have to assess the best way to achieve their mission. If this is through campaigning, then that’s what they should do.”

Many charitable organisations are expected to lose their funding in the short-term thanks to coalition government cuts – which are, in turn, putting pressure on local authority budgets.

1 Lamb, Brian. “Poorly targeted campaigns will only degrade levels of trust in the sector“. Third Sector. Tuesday, March 1st 2011.