The Post Office has launched a new marketing campaign to reflect ongoing changes to its business model.

According to Pete Markey, head of marketing at the organisation, 95 per cent of consumers go to a Post Office branch but many of these people visit only infrequently.

Since the group has an eye on becoming one of the country’s biggest financial services providers in the next five years, it is keen to change this in order to encourage people to use it more regularly.

A marketing push is therefore being launched to establish the various services it provides under a single brand and show people that “the business is changing”.

Mr Markey said its promotional drive will showcase what the Post Office does in a “rich, high-energy way” and use fresh, modern and relevant language throughout.

“Some consumers don’t know what we do,” Mr Markey commented. “There’s a range of services. What the Post Office money campaign does is show a unified service. We’ve been doing financial services for over 100 years – we need to remind people of that.”

Mr Markey highlighted mortgages and current accounts as two of its propositions, along with current accounts, while he stressed that “even putting a stamp on a card is important for a birthday”.

He went on to state that he is particularly pleased this campaign is getting underway at a time when it is focusing heavily on strengthening the customer experience.

Mr Markey added that consumers can expect to see “really strong brand work” from the Post Office throughout 2015, with marketing activity accurately reflecting how it has changed over the years and its ongoing commitment to placing customers at the heart of its operations.

Post Office is changing to become modern and relevant, says marketing chief, Marketing