Premier Foods is pressing ahead with its effort to breathe new life into its Mr Kipling brand.

The company is launching a TV advertising campaign depicting a dog made out Mr Kipling cakes, walking around a park wagging its tail.

According to Phil Ellis, marketing director of sweet treats, the ads will push its new snack-pack format, as these are seen as “fantastic opportunity to grow that piece of business”.

“Since we relaunched in September, we’re seeing double-digit growth, so it very much feels like we’re tapping into a relevant proposition in today’s environment,” he commented.

Mr Ellis said the campaign is based around the notion that “life is better” with cake. The TV advert, which will be supported by a social media campaign, is therefore highlighting how “you can take this product out on the go with you”.

It forms part of a wider effort to get younger people more engaged with the brand and shed its old-fashioned image.

This has included a TV ad featuring a young child and a pink elephant in a park, as well as the rollout of innovative new products, such as milkshake-flavoured slices.

“We’re looking at how we make sure that for all the people who buy Kipling – that’s almost two in three households – we have a range of products that suits everybody’s needs, not just old people,” Mr Ellis said.

He pointed out that while Mr Kipling is a “traditional brand” with an older consumer base, its recent brand repositioning has helped make it more relevant to today’s audience.

Mr Ellis added that its reinvigorated marketing strategy has also fuelled the perception that its products taste better, even though this message was not being overtly pushed in recent promotional material.

Mr Kipling rolls out campaign featuring ‘angel-cake dog’, Marketing

Posted by Robin McCrink