And when we say big, we really do mean big. A giant pair of wellies will be used as part of an event to help raise awareness of flooding in Flintshire, Wales.

Organised by the Environment Agency, the event is a great example of how fun promotional products can really drive a message home – and it doesn’t even have to be on such a large scale, either.

Think about how promotional pens and mugs with your eco message on could work, too.

But back to the main event: the big pair of wellies will be in Flintshire next week, popping up at the Garden City family com unity day as part of the organisation’s ‘Flood Awareness Wales’ campaign.

At the event, campaign representatives will be looking for volunteers willing to help in establishing a community flood plan and flood warden scheme for the area – another opportunity where promotional merchandise could be used to reward people willing to get involved.

Flood Awareness Wales project manager Amanda Irvine said: “Our flood awareness officers will be on hand to advise local people about the risk to the area, and to provide information and tips on practical steps to take now to help protect their property for the future.

“Wellies get set to share flood awareness message in Flintshire.” Environment Agency. Tuesday August 9th 2011.

Posted by Carl Blackshaw