As the summer draws on we get deeper into the festival season, with big and small events being staged up and down the country.

Even small festivals will find that there are a number of different groups of officials and merchandisers onsite.

One way of identifying these people from other festival-goers is to use promotional lanyards with an ID attached.

Producing lanyards in an easily identifiable colour and with the event’s logo on it will mean that those attending the festival will immediately know that these people are legitimate vendors or stewards.

Lanyards are practical as when strung around the neck they can go on top of any outfit and can be quickly put on each day.

Making sure that only those sanctioned by the organisers are allowed to promote and sell products and services within the festival grounds is a delicate process, but promotional lanyards can help visitors report anyone they feel is not official.

That way the festival-goers can enjoy the event and the organisers can protect their commercial interests.

Posted by Robin McCrink