The UK is facing some wet weather in the run-up to Christmas.

With December 25th around the corner, people will be looking to tie up any last-minute shopping that needs to be carried out.

However, speaking to the Daily Mail, Met Office forecaster Alex Fox said: “We will see outbreaks of rain and strong winds throughout the working week. You will need your umbrella, particularly from mid-week.”

The body stated the inclement conditions are set to continue for the next two weeks.

Because of the poor conditions facing many Britons, inventive businesses may use this as an opportunity to distribute promotional umbrellas.

It provides them with the chance to spread brand awareness in a practical manner and also generate some good will.

The chances of there being a white Christmas are also looking increasingly likely, while temperatures are expected to drop as low as minus 12 degrees C.

After a miserable week of wind and rain, can we dream of a white Christmas?, the Daily Mail

Posted by Robin McCrink