Retailers have been encouraged to consider not embracing an overly festive marketing strategy too early.

According to Matt Beech, Business Director at smp, many brands are wholeheartedly ramping up the Christmas excitement.

Indeed, he noted that some supermarkets are already stocking Christmas mince pies that expire in October, while many other stores have the lights and decorations up.

However, he believes this can lead to a backlash from shoppers who feel it is too early to get excited about the festive season.

Mr Beech acknowledged that in some cases, competition can be “fierce” among brands at Christmas, in which case it is necessary to get in there early to grab people’s attention.

However, he said there are instances where it could pay to adopt a slower build-up to Christmas, such as stocking “expected products” early and rolling out gimmicky purchases such as Santa hats later on.

This, he argued, could “generate festive buzz in a way that’s timely and unobtrusive.”

However, Mr Beech stressed that how a brand tackles Christmas ultimately depends on how much it knows about its customers.

“Above all, brands and retailers need to understand their shoppers and their position within the market,” he commented.

“This should then inform all marketing activity. While businesses that get in there early with Christmas might give others a fright, they stand as an important reminder that failing to plan ahead might mean getting left off the Christmas card list.”

Is Christmas coming too early? Talking Retail