A vote has been taken by a city council as part of a plan to ban single-use plastic bags across an entire county in the US.

The Sonoma City Council is just one of nine county jurisdictions which will be affected if the ban is brought in across Sonoma County in California, reports Sonoma Patch.

Sonoma City Council voted unanimously in favour of the ban, which will see single use bags come with a fee of ten cents, which will be increased to 25 cents after a year.

The only city which appears to be favouring its own rules as opposed to following the county-wide ban is that of Santa Rosa, though a result is yet to be decided in the city.

Eco-friendly cotton bags are a great alternative to the disposable plastic and paper bags, which have a negative impact on the environment.

By ordering biodegradable carrier bags, businesses can still use them as a way of marketing their products or establishment at the same time as helping the environment and preventing customers from having a fee levied on them for using single-use bags.

Patrick Carter, project manager of the proposed ban, said: “Reusable bags are the environmental best solution.”

“City Supports County-Wide Ordinance on Single Use Bag Ban”, Sonoma Patch

Posted by Robin McCrink