The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is aiming to overhaul how its promotes its brand.

Marketing specialist Missouri Creative is working with the organisation to draw up new brand guidelines.

Although the RNLI’s logo is not being changed, other aspects of its visual identity, from its typography to its favoured colour schemes, are being refreshed.

Stuart Wood, creative partner at Missouri Creative, said the objective is to create a “more consistent visual language” that accurately reflects the charity’s “unique brand personality”.

As a result, it is working to ensure that all aspects of its marketing and promotion portray the organisation as “active, personal and reliable”, as these are “three key values of the RNLI’s tone of voice”.

“These three parts can then be toned up and down according to message, mood, channel and audience – using different balances of colour, typography and imagery,” Mr Wood commented.

He stated that if the RNLI is attempting to target an audience that knows very little about what it does, it will play up the active tone and use bold and punchy words, vibrant colours and action-packed photos.

However, Mr Wood said the focus would be placed more heavily on the personal and reliable sides of the RNLI when it is engaging with loyal supporters.

As a result, it would rely on more familiar copy and draw colours and photos from the “more reflective end” of its colour palette.

Missouri will apply these principles to all the promotional products that are sold via the RNLI’s online shop, high street stores and mail order catalogue.

The agency said this will help to refresh the “look and feel” of the RNLI’s marketing and brand communications, as well as enable packaging to “work much harder as a multi-functional messaging and fundraising platform”.

Mr Wood added that it will also ensure the charity mixes bold messaging and design with personal testimonials. This, he stated, will enable it to showcase some of the “powerful and moving” stories relating to the RNLI.

Missouri Creative creates new look and feel for RNLI, Missouri Creative

Posted by Cheryl Jackson-Leafield