Sainsbury’s is selling soft toys of the star of its latest Christmas commercial to support its latest charity-based campaign.

The supermarket chain’s new festive ad features Judith Kerr’s famous cat, Mog and is designed to be entertaining to adults and children alike.

One key objective of the ad is to highlight the importance of sharing at Christmas, while it also aims to raise awareness of its charity partner Save the Children’s efforts to improve child literacy in Britain.

A specially created Mog soft toy is on sale in Sainsbury’s stores along with a book version of the story told in the commercial.

This should help to generate funds for the charity and help the campaign have a more lasting and long-term effect on consumers after the Christmas season is over.

Mark Given, Director of Planning and Propositions at Sainsbury’s, commented: “More than any other time of year, the Christmas season is when people come together with family and friends to share simple moments and kindnesses.¬†For many families the sharing of stories is an important part of their Christmas celebrations and is often a tradition that is passed down through generations.”

Tanya Steele, Executive Director of Marketing, Fundraising and Communications at Save the Children, added that it is very grateful to be given a chance to highlight the issue of child literacy.

“We want reading, which is the key to a child’s future, to become a national mission,” she said.

She urged everyone from parents and grandparents to schools and businesses to play a part in helping children take up reading by the age of 11 at the latest.

Ms Steele argued that reading from an early age helps children develop essential early language skills that can help people all backgrounds succeed in life.

Sainsbury’s Celebrates Iconic Children’s Book Character ‘Mog’ in its 2015 Christmas Campaign¬†Sainsbury’s