Marketing your business, whether it is to other businesses or direct to the consumer, needs to be smart in all senses of the word and when you are looking at tactics keep the SMART acronym in mind.


Is your campaign:

Specific: what are the objectives and goals. For example, it makes sense to set a budget and put a return on investment (ROI) for each marketing pound spent.

Measurable: for a successful smart campaign you need to be able to measure its success and build in measurement such as a level of response to a call to action.

Attainable: be realistic and make sure your campaign is achievable.

Relevant & Timely: above all it needs to be relevant – particularly in our ‘Need it Now’ culture (customers increasingly want ‘quick and simple’ products and services).


Three quick win marketing tactics



If there are other like-minded brands that are not in competition with yours then why not join forces with them for cross-marketing opportunities that will make your marketing pound stretch further.

For example, if you manufacture notebooks or diaries, why not team up with a company that makes writing pens. It might sound obvious, but people who have just bought a new notepad are likely to want a fancy new pen to make the most of their new purchase.

One great collaboration that’s grown over the years is the partnership between GoPro and Red Bull – who often attend or sponsor outdoor events together.



Keeping on top of how your customer, whether it’s an SME or large corporate, gets their information is key. According to Hubspot, nearly two-thirds of people (72%) prefer video about products and services rather than the written word.

Video is a quick and efficient way of getting content out to your customers. You may have footage from a recent marketing event or high profile customer using one of your products or services. The video doesn’t have to have high production value – advances in tech mean the days of huge crews are not necessary to produce a decent video.

Encourage customers to give video testimonials about your products and services on YouTube, Instagram TV or Facebook live.


Promotional merchandise is one of the key marketing tactics any business can use creatively, even on a small budget and within tight deadlines.

Research from the British Promotional Merchandise Association has shown that two thirds of recipients still remember a promotional product after one year. What’s more, one in eight recipients of promotional merchandise would be more likely to do business with the company that gave them the promotional gift.



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