Mobile advertising is very effective in garnering a response from consumers, a new study has found.

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), 45 per cent of those who saw ads on the mobile web took action afterwards, along with 47 per cent of those who saw ads on mobile apps.

Figures also showed that ad recall on smartphones was 86 per cent for ads on the mobile web and 90 per cent for those seen on apps.

Anna Bager, Senior Vice President and General Manager of mobile and video at IAB, therefore believes smartphones offer “a tremendous opportunity” for marketers.

“Digital advertising is making an impact and motivating consumers to take action, whether they access the internet via the mobile web or mobile apps,” she observed.

Ms Bager also noted that “omnipresent mobile usage is a worldwide phenomenon.”

Indeed, IAB figures revealed that 63 per cent of smartphone users across the globe use their device at least once every half an hour, while 22 per cent use their devices every five minutes.

Research also found that 88 per cent of smartphone users access the mobile web at least once a day, while 84 per cent use mobile apps once a day or more.

Chris Kuist, Senior Vice President of research and impact at  IAB, said it is interesting to see that smartphone users across the globe are “in sync when it comes to mobile.”

“The similarities we see in this study persist when it comes to the ways that consumers leverage the mobile web or apps – and marketers should take notice,” he added.

Always On – A Global Perspective of Mobile Consumer Experience IAB