Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) need to make sure they market themselves in the right manner.

This is the expert advice offered by Stefan Drew, founder of Stefan Drew Associates, who noted the worst possible scenario is for a company to be offering a great service, but “nobody has ever heard of them”.

“So being on the market and managing your business is just as important as being technically capable,” he added.

Because of this, firms should look to take advantage of promotional products, as this can be an excellent way for them to spread their message.

Items such as promotional mugs and printed keyrings can be used to heighten awareness of a company, while people will also enjoy getting such freebies.

Mr Drew pointed to the expense associated with traditional methods of advertising – such as in newspapers or magazines – and because of this, SMEs should be looking to think outside the box in order to boost their profiles.

Adfero Interview with Stefan Drew

Posted by Robin McCrink