Tottenham Hotspur has complained to non-league club Fleet Spurs about its badge design.

The Premier League side believes the logo of its smaller counterpart resembles theirs too closely and is calling for it to be changed.

According to a Tottenham Hotspur spokesman, the club wishes to resolve the matter amicably and “with a large dose of common sense”.

However, he insisted that if it does not take action, it could undermine its ability to “stop other unauthorised people who use our logo for commercial purposes, such as counterfeiters”.

Fleet Spurs chairman Bryan Sheppard said he “can see where they are coming from”, but criticised Tottenham for dealing with the issue heavy-handedly.

This could serve as a reminder to organisations to make sure they offer a unique and distinctive brand if they wish to avoid this type of misunderstanding.

Otherwise, they could rack up costs designing a new logo and rolling it out across their business.

Tottenham Hotspur force Fleet Spurs badge redesign, BBC News

Posted by Robin McCrink