Superdrug has hailed the success it has achieved with a distinctive brand strategy.

The retailer has sought to establish itself as a trustworthy and credible brand, rather than just a store that offers good value.

With this in mind, it has taken steps such as adding a leaping rabbit symbol to its cosmetics products to demonstrate they are certified by Cruelty Free International.

According to Simon Comins, commercial director at Superdrug, this approach has worked well, as “our customers know they can rely on our own brands”.

“It is a major driver in trust and credibility, as well as providing them with the best value choices,” he commented.

Superdrug’s recent launch of own brand cosmetics designed to compete with major players in the industry has also seen it attempt to alter its image.

The company has gone about this by talking up the quality of the ingredients in its products, rather than the fact it offers significantly lower prices than some major brands.

“Superdrug’s own brand range is a core part of our customer offer and we continue to see customers trade from well recognised brands to our own brands,” Mr Commins added.

The Co-op has also sought to boost its focus on own brand products, with members rewarded and money going to local community causes when these items are purchased.

Jemima Bird, customer director at the firm, said: “We have been able to grow own brand faster than the market and encouragingly, in most cases, not at the expense of credible brands.”

She stressed that choosing the right supply partners has been very important to the success of own brand.

Indeed, Ms Bird said the Co-op works hard with its suppliers to create “long-term, engaged and mutually beneficial partnerships which help deliver fantastic own brand product ranges”.

How own-label brands are dialling up desirability, Marketing Week