Team bonding programmes are a way to encourage face-to-face communication between your staff, it has been claimed.

Carole Spiers, author of Show Stress Who's Boss!, said because people spend their working hours in front of a screen, many do not get the opportunity to talk to their colleagues.

“Many forget even how to communicate, other than electronically by text, email or voicemail,” she said.

This makes team bonding exercises “very important” in any organisation, Carol claimed.

“Allowing employees to relax together enables them to appreciate one another for the skills they bring to the table and this has the effect of reducing stress and resentment that can build up when individual contributions are not fully appreciated.”

Promotional items can help you implement social exercises and team sessions – how about corporate clothing for fun runs and promotional mugs for 'chill-out' zones?

If you let your staff surf the web for leisure at certain times, how about using printed USBs?

Interview with Adfero researchers

Posted by Robin McCrink