Technology brands that are looking to boost engagement among women have been encouraged to change how they market themselves.

According to Belinda Parmar, Chief Executive of Lady Geek, organisations that do the best job of engaging with young women in particular “deliver on three things”.

Firstly, she believes they are able to elicit an emotional response and make people actually feel something inside.

Secondly, Ms Parmar thinks successful marketers provide vital reassurances to prospective female customers, so they encourage people to trust them.

Finally, she said they are able to show an authentic side to their target audience and therefore demonstrate that they mean what they say.

Ms Parmar argued that if technology firms can do this rather than resort to using traditional female stereotypes to inform their marketing, they could build more positive relationships with women and perhaps even encourage more top female talent to seek jobs in the industry as well.

“While this study shows that computing is twice as popular as home economics, the technology industry still has a ‘dude’ problem,” she observed.

“For every one woman studying computing, there are just over five men.”

She added that the general perception of someone who works in the tech industry is a “pizza guzzling-nerd who cannot get a girlfriend”.

Ms Parmar said this image is driving women away from the sector and putting them off studying subjects such as science, technology, engineering and maths.

Why brands are losing relevance with girls, Marketing Week.