Marketing is a more complex task than it used to be as a result of technical advances, an expert has noted.

According to Paul Salvaggio, vice president of operations at Backbone Media, firms used to create mass marketing campaigns designed to grab an audience’s attention, let them know about a product or service and entice people with a call to action.

While he acknowledged this is a simplistic summation of how things used to be, he said it is still true to say it is quite different from today’s “hyper complex” operating environment.

He attributed this largely to developments in technology, while he said the emergence of a new data-driven culture has also made marketers’ jobs more complicated in recent years.

Mr Salvaggio went on to point out that chief executives are increasingly scrutinising the work of their chief marketing officers.

He noted that this reflects how marketing has become a “brand’s command centre from a revenue generation perspective”.

“In the end, revenue is a brand’s lifeline, so all eyes are watching marketers and they cannot afford to stumble,” Mr Salvaggio commented.

3 Ways to Simplify Your Marketing, Business 2 Community


Posted by Robin McCrink