Australian mobile network operator Telstra is equipping its staff with innovative lanyards in an effort to educate the public about near field communication (NFC).

The company has teamed up with NFC firm Tapit to create the innovative product, which will be worn by employees at stores in Sydney and Melbourne.

Thanks to the promotional lanyards, workers will be to demonstrate to customers not only how NFC works, but also what the benefits of the system are.

NFC sees smartphones establish radio communication with similar devices by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity.

Andrew Davis, head of operations at Tapit, said: “By using Tapit technology, Telstra makes it easier for consumers to interact with and use Telstra services on their mobile.”

He added NFC now accounts for 25 per cent of all physical mobile interactions and so the promotional lanyards are set to be put to good use.

Telstra promotes NFC in Sydney and Melbourne, NFC World

Posted by Robin McCrink