Promotional items are being used in US state of Texas to showcase the benefits of citrus fruit.

The Edinburg Citrus Association is using a number of merchandising avenues in an effort to spread brand awareness and encourage people to eat the fruit, the Packer reports.

Paula Fouchek, marketing director of group, noted that both grapefruits and oranges are “excellent items for cross merchandising because their flavours are so complementary to both sweet and savoury items”.

As well as providing in-store demos of how to make the most of the fruit, a promotional CD is being distributed to retailers that offers graphics, logos, images and recipes.

Promotional magnets have also been created as these will be given out to customers.

All of the events being planned are designed to act as a run-up to the National Grapefruit Month, which is taking place in February and will celebrate everything that is great about the foodstuff.

Creative promotions help push Texas citrus, the Packer

Posted by Robin McCrink