Marketers have been reminded that good timing is vitally important if they are using hard data in an effort to close a deal.

According to Tricia Heinrich, Senior Director of Strategic Communications at ON24, marketers are already aware of the need to target the right people with the right message at the right time. As a result, she believes timing is crucial when they are using data to influence actionable business decisions.

For instance, she stated that sending a customer a pricing sheet when they are “not yet far enough along the purchase path can actually have an adverse effect on your efforts to close the deal”.

Ms Heinrich pointed out that the 24/7 connectivity of customers and the systems used to analyse their digital footprints are creating a “rich, vast amount of analytics that can quickly transform leads”.

Marketers therefore require almost immediate access to these details if they are to effectively leverage this data and approach potential leads in the right way.

“Fortunately, marketing platforms providing real-time analytics are available,” Ms Heinrich commented. “When integrated with an organisation’s entire analytics ecosystem, this data can update leads in real time so marketers distribute the right content at the right time.”

A recent study by ON24 found that 97 per cent of marketers believe their use of marketing analytics has boosted the fortunes of their organisation.

As a result, some 87 per cent of respondents said they intend to step up their investment in marketing analytics over the next year.

How businesses are driving value from marketing analytics, iMedia Connection.

Posted by Robin McCrink